Monday, May 3, 2010

acpitool as an Alternative Suspend Method for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

I've noticed that people still seem to be having difficulties suspending their laptops after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx). I had mentioned previously that there is a command-line tool called powersaved that allowed me to put my Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop in suspend mode when the main suspend function in Ubuntu 9.10 could not. The good news, after upgrading to Lucid Lynx, is that the main suspend function (accessed through the session management menu in Gnome-Panel) actually suspends my laptop! The bad news is that, for those of you who are still having suspend issues after upgrading to Lucid, powersaved is no longer available.

To help, I set my mind to searching Synaptic Package Manager for a command-line program that works like powersaved but is actually available to Lucid Lynx users. I have thus far found a very helpful little command-line program called acpitool. It's so simple to use! Once you install it, just type sudo acpitool -s and your computer will go into suspend! If you follow my directions on how to make a launcher script from my previous post regarding powersaved then you'll also have a button to make it even easier to use this command-line tool.

Hope this helps people!


  1. Didn't work for me. It suspended alright, but wasn't able to resume. The fan started, status lights when green, but that was it. The screen stayed black. Will I never have suspend and hibernate available to me again?

  2. I wish I could help you Basil. The best I can advise is that you file a bug report!

  3. Creating a script and panel launcher does not work (for me at least). I suspect there is a problem with trying to use sudo in a script without ever entering the root password.

  4. Worked great. I put "sudo acpitool -s" (no quotes) in a launcher and set it to open WITH TERMINAL. That's the trick. Not too intrusive, either, if you put it on your panel in place of the old power menu.

  5. I'm using uswsusp now and it works for me!

  6. It works for me when I put "sudo acpitool -s" from terminal :)

  7. Hello I have the same problem in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with hibernation and suspending, which works but after resume the screen stays black.
    I did try to acpitool but same result.

    Hibernation and Suspend didn't work in Ubuntu 9.10 in the beginning, but out of the sudden it worked just fine. I guess an update fixed the problem.

    Not sure if the video card could be a problem (ATI)?

  8. Thank you!!! Is there any way to make it work for hibernate?

  9. Hibernation seems to be the main problem...

  10. If u wrote gksu instead of sudo u wouldnt need the terminal..

  11. Yes, it appears to originate in the handling hibernation, so I set to figuring this trouble out. At the time, there seemed no real help or full awareness online -- end of '09, beginning of '10.

    I realised the trouble was only with SD cards being present, I searched more and devised a script to trigger/run at sleep and hibernate. It does the job wonderfully with only one minor effect: having file browser(s) re-appear after the laptop/whatever re-awakens.

    Or is this SD card trouble specific to my Acer Aspire one?

    OK,created simple script to activate for the sleep state, in /etc/pm/, and called it "00_SDcardFix". The 00 prefix is to have it executed as one of the first scripts during this process. A copy of the script follows:

    # SD cards still cause crashes after / during suspend and (probably) hibernates.
    # The SD cards will be auto-opened after awakenings -- OK, more file-manager type windows.

    case "$1" in
    umount /media/*

  12. Wow, thank you David Green!
    the SD card fixed solved my suspend/hibernate problem for me on my thinkpad T400 (using intel graphics) and ubuntu 10.04/lucid x86_64.

    At least so far. I guess I almost always had an SD card in the slot so I almost never had any successful suspends.

  13. acpitool didn't work for Toshiba Satellite M500 on Ubuntu 10.10: everything freezes.

  14. just use default packages from the command line "pm-suspend" / "pm-hibernate" / "pm-powersave" for lucid or maverick

  15. is this tool provide hibernate facility?

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  18. Worked a treat for me on Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca!
    I haven't been able to get Cinnamon to resume after suspending my laptop (MacBookPro6,2). Tried both the system method and s2ram/s2disk/s2both and in both scenarios the computer would sleep and wake up, but Cinnamon would be frozen and would require a restart; sometimes I'd be unable to get to another TTY1 to restart it in and thus be forced to reboot.

    Thanks so much for posting this!