Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Linux Blogging Solution?

I don't much like writing to this blog from the New Post interface that blogger provides.  It's too small and restricting.  So, I've done a lot of googling to find out the best way of writing to a blog from Linux.  One option I found was using Google Docs to create a text document (replete with rich text and images) and publish it to blogger.

I like the format of Google Docs and would certainly continue using it if it weren't for weird formatting incompatibilities between Google Docs and Blogger.  In other words, when writing a blog post from Google Docs and submitting it to Blogger, what you see is not exactly what you get.  I find that the text spacing and alignment become perverted when you submit a Google Docs text document to Blogger.

So, that's where the Google Data Python Library  will come in handy!  Using this set of Python modules, it's possible to upload photo media to the Picasa Web Album associated with your blog, get the associated URLs, and upload new blog posts containing your newly uploaded photos.

Using this functionality, I should be able to make a script that will take an HTML file that you create with any old web page editor, replace the links to images on your local hard drive with links to images on your picasa web album, and post your HTML file to Blogger!

Stay tuned.  I'm hoping this ends up being better than Google Docs or Scribefire (I have issues with both platforms).

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