Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bye bye Simpletech and Windows, Hello more space for Ubuntu!

Today I exchanged my terrible terrible Simpletech 500GB [re]Drive for a sleek looking Western Digital 1TB My Book Essential. After filling the new backup drive with the files I previously had on the Simpletech, I had a mind to doing some spring cleaning on my Windows Vista partition.

Yes, I still had Windows Vista after approximately 5 months of using Ubuntu as my primary operating system. I moved some files and folders that I wanted to keep from my Vista partition to the backup drive and then thought it was about time to get rid of Windows and its partition. I never use it anymore! I only had 45 GB allocated to my active Linux partition (ext4 filesystem) and space was beginning to look a little scarce.

So I downloaded a Knoppix iso (little did I know it was German!), burned it to CD, booted off of it, used GParted to get rid of my Windows partition and resized my active Linux partition. It took about 40 minutes to complete but now my computer is rid of Windows! Now Ubuntu has a 148 GB partition to run off of with 120 GB of free space :)

Bye bye Windows, nice knowing ya!

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