Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tis a Gift to be Simple

Today I got interested in trying out a few different blogging sites ( and to see if either one of them provided a better/easier interface to work with than blogger. Going on Wordpress, I saw an interface that was both sophisticated and nice looking. Wordpress seemed to have everything.

Unfortunately there were a few drawbacks:
  1. Wordpress seems to intentionally set the width of your "Content Column" (the column within which your blog post appears) to be too narrow for my liking. Resultantly, the bigger pictures that I post appear to be cut off :(
  2. After investigating possible solutions to my first problem, I found out that I would need to pay a fee to customize the width (along with other features) of my blog to my liking. I don't like that at all.
  3. Even if I was to live with the narrow width thing, I am surprised that Wordpress doesn't automatically size your pictures according to the width of your content column.
Oh well, I probably won't be switching to wordpress! As for tumblr, I found their registration to be super easy, but the exact method to customizing your blog using CSS eludes me. I admit I know nothing about CSS, so tumblr may still be an option to investigate further.

Until then, "tis a gift to be simple". Thanks Blogger!


  1. Hi, I saw one of your comments over at The Chronic Agnostic, and thought I'd wander over to check your blog out. :)

    I've wanted to get back into blogging as a Linux user, but keep hoping I'll find a free open-source host for non-devs. The restrictions in WordPress & Blogger tend to bother me, even if I can't code much. What little CSS I know is from messing with Stylish & Firebug; more fun method of learning than tutorials, if slower.

    You mentioned on TCA having trouble convincing your wife that she doesn't have to be a geek to use Ubuntu/Linux? I've heard of some women feeling that way until they joined the Ubuntu-Women email list and saw firsthand that there's plenty of regular non-geek types there, so maybe that would work? Here's their website, link for the list is on the right:

  2. When I compare the standard features that blogger offers (i.e. the stuff that you don't have to tweak so much) to a site like Wordpress, Blogger really seems to be lacking.

    However, what it lacks in features however it makes up for it with freedom. I really like the fact that Google released a whole whack of code that allows you to access Google Apps like blogger programmatically. In fact, every time I write a blog entry now, I write it up in Quanta + in a raw HTML interface and then upload to blogger using a python script that I call pyBloggerU. Also, Google doesn't ask you for any money to use Blogger!

    I will be happy to look at the ubuntu-women website but I don't think it's going to cause my wife to venture away from years of Microsoft indoctrination :P