Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Search Workopolis Easily with Python

I've been looking for jobs lately and thought how nice it would be if I could skip the rigamarole of opening up my browser, going to a job search website, typing in the search arguments, and sifting through the results. In view of making job searching a little easier, I've made a Python script that for now will search Workopolis.com using keywords and a city location that you, the user, specify. It will then output a csv (comma separated value) file containing the job search results in the directory where you executed the script. You can then open the search results at your leisure, sift through them without the annoyances of advertisements, and possibly add them to your own database.

Just like pyBloggerU, I've uploaded the files for this Python script to launchpad for others to see and modify at their leisure. Go here if you'd like to download the program files, and here if you'd like to read more and possibly contribute to the project!

Once you put the program files in a particular directory, go to your command line, type python PyJobFinder.py, and then answer the questions that it asks you. Quickly after putting in your search terms, the program tells you the file name of the job results file and then you're free to open it up!

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